Investor Relations

Analyst Coverage


Alfa Bank

Evgeniy Kipnis
Moscow, Russian Federation

+7 495 795-37-42



Victor Dima
Moscow, Russian Federation

+7 495 777-9090


Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Ilya Ogorodnikov
Moscow, Russian Federation

 +7 495 662-6073


BCS Financial Group

Moscow, Russian Federation

+7 495 785 5336



Michael Klahr
Tel Aviv, Israel



Marat Ibragimov
Moscow, Russian Federation



Goldman Sachs

Yulia Gerasimova
Moscow, Russian Federation

+7 495 645-40-19



Bulent Yurdagul


Elena Jouronova

JP Morgan

Elena Jouronova
Moscow, Russian Federation

+7 495 967-38-88



Egor Makeev

Moscow, Russian Federation

+7 (495) 221 98 49


Renaissance Capital

David Ferguson
Moscow, Russian Federation

+7 495 641-41-89



Mikhail Krasnoperov
Moscow, Russian Federation

+7 495 933-98-38


SOVA Capital

Mikhail Terentiev
Moscow, Russian Federation

+7 495 213-18-34



Ulyana Lenvalskaya
Moscow, Russian Federation

+7 495 648-20-93



Wood & Company

Lukasz Wachelko

+48 22-222-1530


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